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Family Owned and Operated
Est. 1987 – Fayetteville, Arkansas

At Ozark Natural Breads, we know that refining nature’s grains, seeds, and nuts diminishes their nutritional value and flavor. Instead of high-fructose corn syrup and highly refined vegetable shortenings, we use Arkansas honey and blackstrap molasses for sweetness. Because we insist on only natural ingredients, the results are not only delicious but highly beneficial to your health.

We invite you to try our products for yourself and experience a healthier, more flavorful diet.

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Sprouted Grain Bread

Unrefined, sprouted whole grains are packed with nutrition and disease-fighting minerals.

Old World Sourdough

Our hand-crafted Old World sourdoughs are hearty and beautifully simple!


Known throughout the Ozarks, our cinnamon rolls are giant and delicious!


Our all natural granola is a great low sugar, high energy, and delicious way to start your day.